Special Guest Speaker - Dr. Jill Stamm, Ph.D.

Sunday, Feb 26 12:00pm at Musicology in ScottsdaleMM_FB_Dr-Stamm (1)

Cost: $15 per adult includes Dr. Stamm’s best-selling book “Bright From The Start”

RSVP Required to www.musicologyaz.com or call (480)596-4020

This is a Fundraiser – all proceeds will be donated to New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development!

Dr. Jill Stamm is the co-founder of New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development and is a professor at Arizona State University.  New Directions Institute (NDI) provides neuroscientific research on how the brain wires up for learning in the important first 5 years of life. Dr. Stamm is an author and an international speaker on early brain development and the connection of healthy brain growth to later learning and school achievement.  She is a member of the National Advisory Panel of the Learning & The Brain Conference series, and is also on Musicology’s Advisory Board.  

Musicology Community Outreach

Musicology is committed to giving babies and young children the best start in life through music and learning.  Musicology is honored to be the recipient of grants Submit that enable us to make a difference in the lives of children.  Our partnership with New Directions Institute For Infant Brain Development (NDI), as well as collaborations with First Things First, Thrive To Five, local hospitals, parenting groups and local school districts give us the opportunity to bring the many benefits of music out to families in our community.

Educational Workshops

We strive to inspire early childhood educators to teach language, literacy, self-esteem and social skills through the amazing world of music.  Musicology conducts informative and exciting workshops for early childhood educators that showcase the connection between music and learning.  Our innovative and creative workshops will have teachers jumping out of their seats and ready to lead their classes on new musical journeys!